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Geoff Wyatt Construction, Inc. is a versatile construction company based in Salem, Oregon. Custom residential remodeling in the Pacific Northwest has been our focus since 1991. Renovating kitchens, baths, full homes and outdoor living comprise the majority of our work.  Commercial buildings are included in our work scope.

We work with the most professional, talented and gifted craftsman in Oregon and Washington. Our working relationship is key to jobs finishing on time with the high quality of workmanship for which Geoff Wyatt Construction, Inc. is known. Our success is the result of a close working relationship between myself, the client(s), Architect, and Subcontractors towards the same goal. My experience over the years has led me to the understanding that the imagination and collaboration of this core group releases the highest potential among everybody involved. Guiding this energy of thought and action towards the end goal continues to unfold magnificent projects and we are happy to be a part of it. We look forward to the next one and I hope it is yours!

Background and experience:  I started in the construction field on weekends and summers during college.  As much as I didn't want to admit it at the time, I was drawn to the hands on experience, physical gratification of a days work, direct interaction with clients, and the comradery among the tradesmen.  This was a much different experience than my electronics-digital switching class-tracing current through mapped out circuits, and following that, phase II- accounting and taxes.   Working with numbers came naturally but at the end of the day, organized and categorized numbers which would be for tomorrow, to organize and categorize into yet another foray.  Much to my dad's (college professor) dismay I packed a suitcase and purchased a 1-way ticket to Hawaii in search of ?.  My calling.  We have all been there...and admittedly still are.   A couple days on the island and where did I end up?  You guessed it, construction.  This while getting my Real Estate license.  Not finding anybody eager to list a multi-million dollar house with a novice I went back to the jobsite.  A few weeks later I approached the grinning Forman.  He was a third generation carpenter.  This guy had a grin from the moment he arrived until he removed his bags at the end of the day.  His name was Brett.  One name I will never forget as his reply is imprinted in my memory forever.  So what was the question you ask?  (Profound question... simple answer.) 

Brett, can I ask you a question?                                                                                      Sure!
Why do you do this?  I mean, how did ...and do you know this is what you want to do?

This was the day and moment I too realized I LOVE IT.  Nobody ever tells you how to identify or recognize this moment or process.  I think the only way you can tell or identify if you have met the match is when you find the act effortless and energizing.  Effortless is not to be confused with easy, but instead, you intuitively know the steps to take.  I continued to work with Brett for 4 years as his protégé

Next, my wife and I, along with our newborn son, moved back to Oregon.  We started the business here in 1991, running on 26 years now.  As you can imagine the business has been exposed to a wide range of projects, each a different expression of construction.  You, as a potential client and partner, are most likely focused on one specific area of construction.  Below is a brief description of each area of focus. The related Gallery for each category can be viewed by selecting the related header.  Here you can see the words in action and and then, fulfillment.

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In this area of service we provide office remodels, tenant improvements, and most recently complete project development and construction.  We extend the same expertise and construction fundamentals we execute in our residential work.  Recently, one of our residential clients selected us to build a 6,000 doctors office for them.  The project was developed by combining six lots and is now the home for Salem Pain and Spine Specialists located in Salem. 

Our years of experience in the residential field has been a exceptional precursor into commercial applications mentioned.  The balance of creating a space that conveys the professional level of your expertise while subtly embracing your clients with a calming ambiance found between the walls of a home is an attribute we can offer.  We look forward to working with you in any of the above mentioned areas to build a space that you, your employees, and clients can prosper and feel at home in.

Remodel and Renovation

These areas of home transformation, which includes additions, have been our main focus.  Why?  They include nearly all aspects of the construction trade and elements of the home at one point or another.  Every project involves new and exciting challenges with the existing building structure, unique design parameters and applications to work with, and most important-clients.  Working directly with clients in their home for sometimes 3 months to two years to help create and facilitate their vision is an experience I can hardly describe.  Sometimes the hardest part of the job is walking away.  The friendships made, experiences accumulated between clients, tradesman, craftsmen and the design team to bring into existence a space that is as unique and lasting can't be expressed in words, only experienced. 



Outdoor Living


The decks we do are usually in addition to the remodel or renovation projects we are involved in at the home.   Occasionally they will be job specific.  Either way we approach them in the same manner; provide advice and design input gathered over years of experience, add details that deliver the feel of outdoor furniture, use products that endure the elements and require minimum maintenance.  We prefer to attach the decking by blind screwing the decking rather than face nailing because it adds to the overall appeal of the final product.  Stainless steel screws are used so the decking doesn't work loose over time like nails do, and they stand the test of time.  There are numerous decking products available to choose from.  As you will observe, Mahogany is the material I prefer to use and work with.  The lasting beauty, limited maintenance, and track record are hard to beat. 

A variety of composite decks have saturated the market over the last few years.  There are a few that already failed that I am aware of, which is to be expected with new products.  This I have ascertained from my peers and personal experience repairing and replacing decks done by others.  Continued R&D will likely overcome these setbacks.  On a positive note, my interest has been piqued on a bamboo product that I was recently introduced to, Cali Bamboo.  I haven't used it yet, but it looks like a promising alternative.

Something to think about in the early part of design is the possibility of a deck that is waterproof.  The additional expense can double the usable outdoor space!  We have developed and fine-tuned two different applications that have withstood the elements over time..


The remodeling business continuously faces design parameters both physical and monetary.  The changes and challenges during a project as it progresses along its path are quite dynamic. Just as each job is unique, so are a client's needs. Our Design/Build approach helps navigate our clients through these initial steps, as well as the changes and revelations that typically occur along the way. We work with Architects, designers, and 3D rendering specialists to aid in this process if this step has not already been completed. 

In our experience we have found the addition of 3D renderings to a set of plans aid clients in making key design decisions and/or confirming those already presented by the Architects and designers. This tool provides the ability to visualize the final product.  A few samples of what this looks like on an actual job can be observed by browsing through the Design/Build link. As you will see there are sometimes many permutations of this process before a final version is settled on.  The depth and detail is client driven. 

Open expansive front porch to include the surrounding landscaping.

Private front porch area.

Project Management